Christopher A Cariad


Chris Cariad has been seriously writing poetry since 2006. He has been published in many books by Eber and Wein Publishing and in 2012 self-published his first poetry collection, "The Dawning Light: A Collection of Poems." A collection of his very first poetry ever written. In 2013, Chris published his second collection entitled, "The Bleeding Hearts Cry: A Collection of Poetry." This collection tells a story of an angel cast upon this earth only to see the darkness of the world, Kentucky State Poetry Society calling it his, "...literal cri de coeur..."

Chris Cariad has currently finished working on his third publication of poetry, stating "It is time for my poetry to show its greatest voice. I've allowed my poetic skill to be molded. This next publication, JESUS and Those Forgotten, is going to move, going to question the world we are currently living in and push the reader out of their comfort zone and into an action zone. One where you can no longer stand still in a world that requires action." 

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Jesus Christ. These influences are clearly represented in his poems.