Christopher A Cariad

This, My third publication, is a collection of progressive Christian poetry that questions the modern evangelical theology that has cursed American houses of religion for centuries. The theology that said smokers are not welcomed, interracial marriage is not welcome, and in today’s society, says that the LGBT community can’t marry and that the love of Christ is conditional. I hope that in some way my poetry speaks to you, moves you into an action to love. Love so unconditionally it makes those in the chapel spew you out of their mouths with distaste. This book of poems is dedicated to you.Type your paragraph here.

The debut book for Chris Cariad Goes back to his beginnings with this publication of The Dawning Light. Many of these poems have moved its readers and touch the hearts of fellow writers. Including many featured poems like "Ray's Of Light," "Hell's Feast," "My Love, My Savior," "Emo Love Song," and so many others. His poetry touches every emotion from love, hate, fear, depression, and hope; while struggling with his faith.

Chris Cariad's second publication, "The Bleeding Hearts Cry," is a collection of poems that center around an angel's fall from grace and his depiction of the world in which he has fallen. Endless wars, blood shed, drugs and the lack of love have stained this world, Will the light be seen before the worlds end? Will humanity awaken from this destructive path? This is an angels cry out to humanity.