2018 - JESUS and Those Forgotten by Christopher Cariad was released. 

2017 - Powerless Drug Life by Christopher Cariad, Published in Oasi Magazine in Malta. 

2016- The Standing Flame by Christopher Cariad, Used by the city of Apache Junction, AZ for their 15th Anniversary 9/11 Tribute. 

2015- Dance to the Music by Christopher Cariad, used underneath a waltz by Anne Greene. Entitled Ashley Hay.

2015- Dance to the Music by Christopher Cariad, Featured as PoemHunter.com's Member poem of the day for June 22nd. 

2015- Roots by Christopher Cariad, Published in Pegasus. A Kentucky State Poetry Society publication. 

2014- Over and Over... Again and  A Daemon Home by Chris Cariad, Both published in 'Pegasus,' a Kentucky State Poetry Society publication. 

2014- Dance to the Music by Chris Cariad, Published by  Loiederman Middle School in their spring newsletter. 

2014- Dance to the Music by Chris Cariad, Published on www.coffeeandnovels.com.

2014- Dance to the Music by Chris Cariad, Published on 'The Wonderful Works of World Writers.'

2013- The Bleeding Hearts Cry: A Collection of Poetry by Chris Cariad, Reviewed by Elaine Fowler Palencia. Review seen in the Summer/Autumn Issue of 'Pegasus' a Publication by the Kentucky State Poetry Society. 

2013- The Bleeding Hearts Cry: A Collection of Poetry by Chris Cariad was released. 

2013- Equality by Chris Cariad, Published on www.myenglishlearn.com.

2012- The Dawning Light: A Collection of Poems by Chris Cariad was released. 

2012- Equality by Chris Cariad, Published on www.dilkiawaaz.com.(Pakistani website)

2012- Chance by Chris Cariad, Published in 'Great Poets Across America: A Celebration of National Poetry Month by Great Poets Across America.' 

2011- Hell's Feast by Chris Cariad, Published in 'Beacons Beyond: Chatham by Eber & Wein Publishing.'

2011- Forbidden Fruit by Chris Wring, Published in 'Best Poets of 2010 by Eber & Wein Publishing.' 

2009-  Forbidden Fruit by Chris Wring, Published in 'Endless Horizons: New Light by Eber & Wein Publishing.'

2008-Will You, My Love? by Chris Wring, Published in 'The BEST Poems & Poets of 2007 by The International Library of Poetry.'

2007- Falling Blue By Chris Wring, Published in 'Forever Spoken by The International Library of Poetry.'

Reviews                                                                                                                               Publications/Press

Christopher A Cariad

"A very intense and vivid poem, the words - smile empty child, the world is falling apart - really touched my mind. That is what is going on in today's world, only it seems as though the child now has an empty smile, their minds are 
filled with uncertainty and doubt because of what is going on with isis and terrorism. Really precise and exacting of our world today. Thank you for sharing." -  RoseAnn Shawiak, Review of my poem 'Smile.'

"Beautiful Devotional piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned with spiritual insight. A lovely poem that depicts the Ultimate sacrifice - dying on the cross, and our LORD'S divine love for humanity." - Chinedu Dike, Review of my poem 'My Love, My Savior'

"The cover drawling of this book shows a man in a shirt and tie sporting black wings and crying tears of blood, a fair illustration of the anguish within and the war between the human and the divine. Sometimes speaking in the voice of the Christian god, sometimes addressing the deity, Jesus, the poet himself, humanity, or an unknown person, this literal cri de coeur repeatedly take self and society to task, declaring in "The Battle Within" that "The sinless and pure is but a dream" (17) and excoriating American society in, for example, "A Generation Lost," for consumerism, militarism, blasphemy, and more. The poems are loosely arranged toward redemption and hope, though along the way they spiral down to a clutch of poems that consider suicide. "The best way to solve problems/is by death," (23), "Fallen Angel" states. Though the overall poetic environment is religious, these are not poems of comfort. They are rather a chronicle of the struggle to escape a dark night of the should and find daylight. The mood swings between Old Testament judgement and New Testament compassion. The poet's moral manifesto appears in "The Me I Believe" and can be taken as a starting point for following the journey." - Elaine Fowler Palencia, Pegasus Summer/Autumn Issue 2013. Review of "The Bleeding Hearts Cry."

"In his latest book of poetry, Chris Cariad has written words that will touch your heart and leave an imprint on your soul. Once I began reading, I could not stop. If you love well-written, deeply moving poetry...this book is a must." - Laura A. Kuehlke

“I love this. I can relate in a large way. I always felt that nothing was fun or interesting without a perks. I couldn't even enjoy a movie without them. I'm past all of that now, and glad to say so. This is a great poem. Thanks.” - Chris Blazo “Powerless Drug Life” 

“I love this poem! This is a sad but true reality. People are so blinded by materialism that they lose sight of what really matters.” - Joyce Rugg “Money Bed” 

“A melancholy over took me as I was reading this beautiful piece of art, well done my friend.” - Raja Nosherwan “Guardian Angel” 

“amen, brother! you nailed it!” - Eric Cockrell “ Tragedies Of An Unsung Hero” 

"What a beautiful poem, so well written I felt every word it took me to whole other world." - Inas Inayath 

"Divine Beautiful! heaven on earth. Love and Light" - Kasia Fedyk "Heavenly Purity" 

"Beautiful and evocative, so sad and yet optimistic." - Josephine Collett "Falling Blue" 

"It Speaks the truth about life and heaven." - MaKayla Straight 

"You went from sinner to saint to sitting to the right of God all in one poem." - Tony Franklin 

"Happiness is relative. Do try and hold them tight, though they escape like sands when you hold them tight on the sea beaches.But they remain a little more or tend to when they are drenched with tears.Thats why we always say after sorrows come happiness. Every cloud has a silver lining.Well display of poetic skills here.Well done and well articulation of thoughts." - Aamit Rothschild

"It's great to see hobbyist poets still adhering to the more traditional style of verse. Because the English language makes the art of rhyme more difficult to hone than other languages, we commend your efforts in keeping the beautiful rhyming forms of the past alive. Your rhyme scheme offers a moving presentation and the rhythm maintains a natural flow."

"Impressive! A well penned and poignant write that clearly shows that poetry runs in your blood! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with your talent..."